How to Properly Care for Your Horse

Horses are majestic, loyal animals that require special care and attention. Taking care of a horse can be a daunting task, but it’s important to know the basics of how to properly care for your horse in order to keep it happy and healthy. Here’s what you should know about caring for your horse, including what products you can find at your local tack and feed store.

A Healthy Diet
A balanced diet is essential for keeping your horse healthy. The majority of a horse's diet should consist of hay or grass, with grains being fed as an additional supplement depending on the activity level of the animal. For example, performance horses may require more grain than those who are used mainly for riding or farm work. Additionally, horses should have access to clean water at all times in order to stay hydrated.

Regular Grooming
Regular grooming is key in keeping horses looking their best and promoting good coat health while also helping them to stay cool during hot summer months. Grooming involves brushing your horse from head-to-toe as well as cleaning its hooves regularly. You should also inspect your horse for any injuries or signs of illness during grooming sessions so you can take appropriate action if necessary.
Tack and Feed Supplies

Finding the right supplies for your horse is essential in caring for it properly. Fortunately, most tack and feed stores carry all the necessary items you need to keep your horse healthy and content. Some popular items include brushes, shampoos, hoof picks, saddle pads, and fly masks—all of which can help make taking care of your beloved equine companion easier and more efficient. 

Caring for a horse may seem like a daunting task at first but once you understand the basics it becomes much easier. Make sure that you provide them with a balanced diet consisting mainly of hay or grass supplemented by grains according to their activity level; regularly groom them with brushes and other tools; and use products from local tack and feed stores when needed! With proper care, your faithful equine companion will be ready to go on many adventures together!