Shaped to the pinnacle of precision

Custom shaped cowboy hats - you simply can't beat it! From modern to classic shapes, our master hatter is sure to shape your lid just the way you like it. 

Cold  Luke


Up North




How Will We Shape Your Hat?

Steam It

The first step in shaping your cowboy hat is to wet it down with either steam or water until it is damp but not soaking wet. We need to be careful not to let too much moisture get inside as this can damage the felt material and ruin your hat. Once your hat is dampened enough it  becomes pliable enough to shape.

Shape It

Next comes the actual shaping process itself! We use our hands to mold and reshape the brim of your lid into the desired shape—it may take some trial-and-error before getting it just right! We used different products that will help hold its shape in place while also protecting against wear-and-tear due to regular use.